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Remote Curriculum

We are encouraging pupils to return to school. However, to reduce community transmission and keep pupils and their families safe, during any periods of national lockdown, our pupils follow our remote curriculum.


Although we recognise that learning at home may not be as straightforward as learning at school, we provide remote learning, in line with our curriculum, to all pupils.


We offer as full a curriculum as possible by delivering workpacks, stationery, materials and equipment to pupils’ homes and providing laptops and internet access to pupils who don’t already have them. Daily lessons are delivered as pre-recorded videos or on digital platforms and every lesson is followed by a live session with the subject teacher. This gives pupils the feedback and one-to-one teaching they need and gives families the time and flexibility to fit it all in.


KS4 pupils can access lessons and teacher support in all core subjects including maths and English, as well as their chosen vocational subjects. KS3 pupils can access a range of lessons and teacher support, including maths, English and STEM.


We prioritise the safety and wellbeing of our pupils with continuing safeguarding, free school meals and weekly pastoral and therapeutic sessions for all pupils.


All our online lessons share a similar structure:


Video lesson


Independent work


Drop-in session

A short video with instructions, explanations and examples. A set of questions, a section of a workbook or an activity to complete at home. A chance to ask questions and get feedback from your teacher.

Accessing lessons

To access your lessons open the remote learning page and click on the links in the weekly timetables.

  • Lesson links will open either a video, online form or the online maths platform. 
  • Drop-in session links will begin a zoom session with your teacher.  

Technical Support

You will need to use your personal login to access remote learning. For technical issues relating to resources, equipment and meetings or passwords and login details, please contact Ruth Majid on 01474 332 897 or via this contact form: