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Pastoral Care

At NWKAPS we believe pupils can only thrive in an education environment where they feel safe and supported, so pastoral care is a priority and combines support across academic learning, mental health and SEND. Our pastoral team offers a comprehensive and robust system of care to ensure every pupil feels both listened to and challenged to improve themselves and their engagement with education. The team works with humanity and common sense to establish effective links between home and school and vital support tailored to each pupil's unique needs.


Pupils join NWKAPS for a wide variety of reasons, and from the moment we meet them, staff are working to fully understand their needs. We know that lack of engagement, anxiety or negative interactions only mask what is really happening. Our pastoral team see through these things to value pupils as individuals. Our team build each pupil's ability to self-regulate while providing a support network that helps pupils recognise the steps of success and see new possibilities in their future.


Pupils are at the centre of everything we do. The documents below detail the structures and processes we have in place to formalise the pastoral offer and ensure no pupil falls through the gaps while they are with us.