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North West Kent Alternative Provision Services

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About Us

Welcome to our website! The North West Kent Alternative Provision Service (NWKAPS) is an Intervention Service providing alternative education pathways accessible by the children and young people of North West Kent. We offer short or longer stay places for children and young people who have been identified as being suitable for referral to our service by mainstream partner schools. For these pupils there are a range of services which are designed to facilitate changes in behaviour and the acquisition of social skills.



Children and young people are referred to the service by schools across Gravesham, Dartford and North Sevenoaks. Our Core Service comprises of three sites:


Centre Class is a short stay Key Stage 3 provision with capacity for 24 children and is based in Swanley. The Northcourt Centre in Gravesend has capacity for 16 young people and aims to provide short stay interventions and respite. The aim for the majority of the children and young people referred to Centre Class or The Northcourt Centre is for a short stay with a successful reintegration to a mainstream school.


The Westcourt Centre in Gravesend offers an alternative curriculum pathway for young people in Key Stage 4 who have been referred for a longer period of stay. The aim for the majority of young people referred to The Westcourt Centre is to ensure preparation for life at the end of Key Stage 4. This will include intensive support during transition to, continued education, training or employment.


In addition, NWKAPS receives referrals from LIFT on behalf of North West Kent Primary Schools. Children are referred to the Primary Service in The Westcourt Centre for bespoke short stay interventions.



We have an expertise in meeting a range of severe SEMH needs. Many of our pupils are known to other agencies specialising in supporting young people and their families facing challenging circumstances. These may include mental health issues, drug and alcohol abuse, domestic violence, physical abuse/neglect and offending behaviours.


All staff are experienced and qualified to work with challenging behaviour and continually strive to find new ways to engage disaffected pupils and to support them in overcoming barriers to learning and achievement. Although our focus is on learning and progression, we consider achievement in a holistic sense and aim to work with the whole person in helping them grow in self confidence, develop resilience and discover strategies to manage their behaviour and social interaction through a strong emphasis on self reflection and willingness to engage in cognitive behavioural work.


Our aim is to support pupils in overcoming barriers to success and move on towards reaching their goals through individual target setting and a personalised curriculum which combines academic learning with social skills, the development of greater self-awareness and reflective strategies and improved motivation to tackle problems and see tasks through.



At NWKAPS we aim to provide a nurturing, inspirational learning environment where aspirational, individual pathways are created. We are committed to developing a service which aims to ensure that extensive specialist interventions empower pupils to successfully reintegrate in to mainstream education or continued education, training or employment.

We enjoy positive relationships with parent and/or carers as well as with all the stakeholders.

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