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Year 10 Curriculum Offer

Year 11 Curriculum Offer

Curriculum Statement 2018/2019

Long Stay Placements

The main aim for the North West Kent Alternative Provision Service (NWKAPS) KS4 Curriculum offer is to improve the chances that, after they have left us, our students engage positively in education, employment or training. Having been assessed as part of their induction, our students will find themselves on a pathway that is a combination of academic and vocational courses.

We place great emphasis on Literacy and Numeracy in all subjects. We ensure targeted intervention time is allocated within the timetable.

All courses taught are accredited and chosen for accessibility and engagement with a pathway focus. The NWKAPS places great emphasis on vocational and work based learning and utilises programmes and accreditation that seek to magnify young people’s employability skills.

The NWKAPS is developing collaborative working relationships with the local colleges, which for most will become destinations either through post 16 vocational courses or attachment to apprenticeships.

All students study GCSE English Literature, Language and Mathematics together with Level 2 Health & Fitness which incorporates both promoting a healthy lifestyle and elements of science.

In addition, students are offered a choice of Business Engineering or Business Studies, both selected for appropriateness to destinations. For our students who demonstrate a flare or a passion to improve skills and knowledge in creative studies we offer GCSE Art and GCSE Film Studies. Level 2 Financial Studies is offered for students who either aspire to gaining qualifications which will be of benefit in this industry or for those who simply want to improve their knowledge and understanding of financial matter relating to real life.

To finalise and compliment our curriculum offer we are delighted to be offering a choice of Construction, Health & Social Care or Hair and Beauty this year. These choices are designed to reingage our students in education and offer a selection which will be further benefit for some when considering future pathways

All of the qualifications we offer at the NWKAPS are fully recognised in education and industry.

Curriculum based assessment on entry identifies levels of achievement and preferred learning styles. This form of assessment identifies student performance within the curriculum content for the purpose of determining each pupil’s suitability to different aspects of the curriculum. The programmes may include both group and individual learning in accordance with the needs of the student at their time of referral.


Regular assessment will take place throughout the year followed by target setting meetings with students, parent/carers and the mainstream school to ensure that pathways are monitored and that interventions are in place should good progress not be being made at any time.

A carefully planned scheme of learning to include both delivered and embedded elements of PSHE will be included within the curriculum to ensure that suitable Interventions are provided during the early stages of referral and will assist in the prevention of NEET at post 16.


We have high expectations of all our students and offer a curriculum which aims to:


  • Provide a wide and challenging programme
  • Provide students with the opportunity to access nationally recognised accreditation.
  • Raise students’ self-awareness and self esteem
  • Acknowledge all students’ achievements
  • Promote students’ confidence and a more positive attitude towards learning
  • Encourage students to work collaboratively with others
  • Enable students to accept greater personal responsibility for their own actions
  • Provide opportunities within all curriculum areas to promote pupils' spiritual, moral, social and cultural development
  • Promote a positive relationship between the pupils and the curriculum


Educational research suggests that a method of working with disaffected students, which is relevant and appropriate to their individual stage of development, is more likely to achieve their engagement in the curriculum and enhance the level of progress achieved. The curriculum we offer is designed to enable students to develop a sense of personal responsibility towards learning in collaboration with all school staff.

It is recognised that students learn at different rates and are influenced in their learning by the different methods of teaching and learning experiences provided. Progress is monitored carefully and targets are designed to challenge and provide individual opportunities for progression.

The NWKAPS aims to recognise the uniqueness of every individual and the contribution that each pupil brings to the school community.

The curriculum is designed to be accessed by, and provide opportunity for all pupils. If a pupil is identified as having special educational needs the school aims to address their needs. In meeting these responsibilities the school will have due regard to the SEN code of Practice (2015) and the SEND Fundamental Principles, Policy and Guidance on the special educational needs and disability (SEND) system for children and young people aged 0 to 25 (Sept 2014)

(See NWKAPS Special Educational Needs Policy)


Curriculum Statement 2018/2019

Short Stay Placements

Students referred to our Key Stage 3 and the majority of students referred to our Year 10 short stay centre, are being prepared for their return to a mainstream school.

The aims of the curriculum are:

• To prepare pupils for a reintegration back in to a mainstream school or other appropriate educational provision

• To assess all pupils to identify additional needs & make appropriate and relevant referrals to support pupils on their return to school

• To give pupils an opportunity to address the reasons why they are no longer in their previous school & to demonstrate that they are in a position to return to a mainstream environment

• To work with families and agencies including EHPS to support the child’s education

• To support schools & pupils to give them the best opportunity to make a successful transition


Initial Assessment

• All students are assessed so that we have an understanding of their capabilities & their needs.

• We look at data from their previous schools to see what levels they have achieved & what progress they have been making

• Each pupil is made aware of the reasons for them being referred to their mainstream school. They may disagree with them but they need to take account of them. Targets are set from this point.

The Curriculum - Literacy and Numeracy

• For many students, limitations in their literacy & numeracy skills has an overwhelming impact on their ability to access a mainstream curriculum

• Every day all students have a literacy & numeracy lesson. A progress record is kept for each student showing skills covered & progress made




The Curriculum – Competencies

• Our Curriculum is designed to cover all of the competencies required for a successful school career

• These competencies reflect the main concerns raised by schools when referring students to us

Our short stay curriculum includes interventions which focus upon resilience, team building and problem solving. We also include a project based learning element where interesting topics are selected to re-engage students in their learning. Local projects and community awareness are also used for engagement.

Dedicated time is given within the curriculum to promote pupils' spiritual, moral, social and cultural development

All students follow a programme of English and Mathematics each day.

Throughout the duration of the pupil stay at the NWKAPS short stay centre they will cover a range of topics addressing the areas of concern including referral and access to a range of targeted interventions.

Pupil progress is tracked covering everything from attendance & punctuality through behaviour to progress with learning.





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